Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crypsis is Changing

Crypsis is a one man show, and with new ventures popping up on my end, I will have to change how Crypsis works in a few minor ways. First of all, shipping frequency will be changed from roughly two business days to every Sunday (so all a week's orders will be shipped out on the weekend), and then the odd week day when I need to catch up or my schedule comfortably allows for it. Secondly, the product selection will be reduced and changed to reflect the original focus of Crypsis as a camouflage retailer, specifically focusing on products that are hard or impossible to find in North America. Finally, a new store has been started in the Crypsis family, being The Best Zombie Store. Blades and survival gear that were previously available on Crypsis will be migrated to the Best Zombie Store, and more zombie related products will also find its way to the new store's shelves.

Lots of things may be changing, but my commitment to making people happy isn't, so please feel free to contact me if there's any concern I can address in relation to these changes. 

- Connor

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